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1. What have we said in class about the show? What, if anything, have we mentioned or seemed excited about regarding the production? What have you heard from guests to the class about the show, if anything?2. When you walk into the theatre, how do you feel? What is your first reaction? What is the stage space and audience space like?3. What is immediately striking about the overall ?look? of the production? What are the dominant colors, textures, and accents?4. Is there a set? What is it like? If it is changed during performance, how is this done?5. What kinds of sounds are you aware of (including silences, non-vocal noises, music, special effects)?6. What do you notice about the lighting and how it is being used?7. Do any costumes stand out as especially significant? Do the costumes help you to locate the production or the setting?s time period?8. Consider the casting choices?including gender, race, age, body types, and agility?on the overall production. Does the performer?s bio (usually found in the program) match with their particular role?9. Consider the cast?s ability to work together. Are the members ?gelling? with one another? Either way, how can you tell?10. How would you describe how the actors are using the space, including blocking and movement? What stands out about their physical interaction?11. What is the relationship between the characters? What are their individual and/or collective goals? How does the journey of the play reveal, transform, or solidify those goals?12. How would you describe the pace of the production? If there was an intermission, are there any differences between the parts (e.g. did the pace move more quickly after the intermission?)?13. Are there moments that give you particular pleasure or unease?14. Do you know if the text of the play has been altered or cut anywhere?15. In what ways, if any, is the director?s interpretation different from what you had expected? Which elements of the production did he or she most emphatically employ to convey his or her interpretation?16. Is the audience?s reaction surprising to you at any time? What are those moments and how did the audience respond?17. How would you classify the production in terms of genre? Is it participating in many different genres or is it fairly consistent?18. What are the major themes of the production and how did the various parts of the production?from the play?s title to the finished performance?contribute to the overall production and those major themes?WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET? CHAT LIVE WITH OUR CREDIT CONTROLLER NOW AND GIVE US YOUR BUDGET AND WE WILL GIVE FAVORABLE RATES TO YOU

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