Critique of Leadership Film.

You are required to select a role of a leader from any ONE of the following films and write the critique.? Training Day Film (2001) OR ? Erin Brockovich Film(2000). choose one of these films and Also you need to have with film 4 to 5 academic sourcesPlease I hope you follow the exact structure that I will write below for you about the. Your essay should contain the following sections:1.A brief introduction outlining the key facts in the selected film.2.A brief description of the selected leader?s character and the leadership style.3. A brief review of the selected responsible leadership theory. So in this point I will provide in the attachment you 2 theories which are Responsible Leadership for Relations(RLR) OR responsible Leadership for Performance (RLP) theory.So choose one of the theories and which of the theory can apply to the film that you selected. And there are some of notes that will help you to find good information as well as you have to find by using 5 journal articles.4.Application of the selected responsible leadership theory (RLP or RLR) to the film to critique the (a) leader and follower/s behaviour, and (b) the contextual factors in the film.5.A conclusion containing your views on how changing the role of the leader and follower/s behaviour, and the contextual situation in the film could lead to responsible leadership outcomes.(For example, what is the relationship between performance and reality at the end?)Additional and Detailed information:Some films portray various leader behaviours and leadership messages through the story, the roles that key people play, the portrayal of the contexts, and through the dramatic presentation of the film?s theme. You are required to critique the responsible leadership messages inherent in a feature film. The questions below may provide some assistance when planning for this assignment.? What is the leader?s history and how might it have affected the leadership philosophy?? What is the vision of the leader?? What responsible leadership messages are evident in the leader?s vision?? How does the leader make responsible decisions and solve problems?? How do the stakeholders view the selected leader?s leadership behaviour?? What effect does the context have on responsible leadership decisions and outcomes?

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