Critical Thinking Exercise: Aminta Parra

Critical Thinking Exercise: Aminta ParraCritical Thinking Exercise: Aminta ParraOverview:In this assignment, you will review the critical thinking exercise about Aminta Parra (located in the Huber textbook, page 193), a nurse assigned to an interdisciplinary health team. Once you review the case study, you will answer a series of questions in regard to a problem that exists on her nursing unit.Learning Objectives:analyze the problem from various communicative perspectivesdescribe communication strategies to resolve the problemexplain leadership and management strategies to resolve the problemDirections:Review the critical thinking exercise about Nurse Parra located on page 193 of your Huber textbook. Then answer the following questions in your paper:4. What is the problem?5. Whose problem is it?6. What should Nurse Parra do?7. What mode of communication should Nurse Parra use?8. How can Nurse Parra structure a clear message?9. To whom should Nurse Parra communicate first? Who else does she need to involve in the communication flow?10. What leadership and management strategies should Nurse Parra use?

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