Critical analysis of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in adult second language (English) curriculum

Critical analysis of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in adult second language (English) curriculumOrder DescriptionTask descriptionThis assessment is intended to assess your knowledge of a significant issue in second languagecourse design, and your capacity to make a critical evaluation of literature on a significant issue. It alsoassesses your ability to describe an issue in second language curriculum, present and support a pointof view on relation that issue, using appropriate academic language and referencing conventions.Choose on of the issues identified below, and describe the nature of the issue, perspectives on theissue and your personal point of view on the issue, along with justification for your point of view:? The nature of a communicative second language curriculum? Different bases of organisation of second language syllabus design? The relationship between what is taught in a second language curriculum and approaches toassessment? Issues in identifying learner needs in second language course designYour discussion should include the following sections, and address the relevant questions in eachsection:1. Identification of the issue, and placing it in context (approx. 500 words)When, how and why has it emerged as an issue in second language course design?? What are thepractical implications of the issue? ?Why is this a significant issue? ?2. A review of some literature that discusses the issue (approx. 1200 words)What perspectives are there on the issue?? What arguments do advocates of differentperspectives use to support their arguments??What are the practical implications of the differentperspectives??3. Your evaluation of and response to these discussions (approx. 700 words)?Provide your personal evaluation of the issue and response to the arguments you haveencountered in the literature. What is your view, and you reasons for your point of view?? Does thisissue have practical implications for you in your teaching situation? If so, what are they

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