community correctional officials

community correctional officials Active Learning 52OII. See attached instructions AL 8 CRJ 520 Write 250 words discussing the following: using Chapter 15 as a backdrop, discuss your thoughts on programs that you believe should be expanded and those that should be eliminated. Should community correctional officials be guided by gut feeling on program effectiveness or solely rely on the research? As you prepare your response as to what programs should be expanded or eliminated, you must support your opinion with research. Why do you think the program should be expanded or eliminated? Are there any alternatives for the program? Could the program be changed to improve the program? What would you recommend in its place? This class has focused on evidence based practices. We have seen programs that work while others do not. The majority of community correctional official have a wealth of knowledge. Should those officials be guided by gut feelings on a program or rely solely on the research? Should they take into consideration their experience at all? :

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