Communication Audit ? Presentation

Communication Audit ? PresentationWhat are the communication challenges within an organization? How does an organization overcome the challenge and improve communication?Your goals:Identify three communication challenge within an organization of your choice, through some form of communication audit. Create and deliver a presentation to meet an organizational communication need. Identify the appropriate communication media and method for an organizational situation Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication Directions:Assume you are the Director of Human Resources at your chosen organization. You are tasked with conducting a communication audit and then presenting the results to leadership. Your goal in conducting the communication audit is to identify three communication challenges within an organization. You will complete the following tasks for a total of 30 points.Conduct a communication audit using the Communication Audit Survey located in course content, week 2. You may modify it or adapt it if you wish. In order to get good results, you should survey a minimum of 8 to 10 people.Some tools you may use for your communication audit: the results of the Communication Audit through a presentation, using APA format. Include a title slide with your project title (e.g., Communication Audit), the organization?s name, your name, class, instructor and date.Present an introduction describing your research methodology providing details of the survey administration, response rate, and characteristics of the survey population. Clearly present a narrative to describe the data using appropriate tables, charts and graphs. In the appendix, present the question and the number of responses for each question. Include a detailed analysis followed by findings. Identify the top three communication challenges from your survey, and present your recommendation to strengthen these communication challenges, appropriate to the organization.Your presentation should be professional and creative. Add audio and/or visual elements on every slide. Text should be proper size for viewing during a presentation. Your presentation will need title and citation slides. You must have a minimum of 3 reliable sources on your citation slide. Use APA format for your citations. Don?t forget to check your spelling! As a friendly reminder, all words must be yours and your own typing. You may not copy text directly from a source.You may use presentation software of your choice. Examples include (but are not limited to):Powerpoint Powerpoint with audio recording Animoto Google Docs- presentations Zoho GoAnimate Prezi Slideshare Sliderocket Haiku Deck Your presentation software should not cost to use it. You are responsible for understanding how to use the software. You will need to submit your work in a format that can be easily opened.:

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