CLINICAL PRACTICEIdentify, locate and describe the practice guideline to help answer the PICO. Use the CAT tool to critique this guideline. 5. Find the literature that supports the guideline. 6. Critique the literature that supports the guideline. EBP Project Go to your EBP Group DB Site and formulate a clinical question, PICO, and Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) including the source. Group Leaders: Email to your section instructor no later than theend of the week:Clinical Question.P: Population, Problem (Short and specific)I: Intervention (Short and specific)C: Comparison Intervention (Short and specific)O: Outcome: Realistic and measurableName of Clinical Practice Guideline; Source of CPGProject Grading Criteria I INTRODUCTION 5 II PICO QUESTION 5 III PRACTICE GUIDELINE 10 IV LITERATURE REVIEW 40 V Recommended Evidence-Based Practice Interventions 40 VI. Powerpoint 20 VII. Structure APA; Grammar; 12 pages or less, not including the title or reference page. 20 VIII. Participation Rated on a 0-10 scale. Averaged from EBP team members 10 TOTAL 150:

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