Classic English Literature

Book: Literature and the Writing Process: Backpack Edition McMahan, Day, Funk, ColemanPlease choose ONE of the following stories below and write an essay about it using the guidelines below:?The Things They Carried? page 112?A & P? page 285?What We Talk About When We Talk About Love? page 302?The Lesson? page 311?A Rose for Emily? page 233?The Lottery? page 133?I Stand Here Ironing? page 270Guidelines:Please write a formal essay in which you analyze the story by looking at the different literary devices we have covered such as themes, point of view, structure, imagery and symbolism, plot, figurative language, setting, dialogue, etc. I will be looking not only for a close look at these different aspects of the story, but also at the structure of the essay as a whole, with good transitions, strong body paragraphs that relate to their topic sentences as well as a thesis and conclusion.The thesis will simply be a description of what stands out to you in the story and what you will be Discuss (check for the help you need)ing in the essay regarding this story..

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