Choose an Organizational Behav

Choose an Organizational Behavior topic of interest to you for your research paper. Choose a minimum of 10 scholarly sources related to your topic of interest for utilization in your research paper.use the following sourcesLoveday, A. (2012). Tackling STRESS at work. Occupational Health, 64(3), 12-12. Retrieved from, E., Seidler, A., Latza, U., Rossnagel, K., & Schumann, B. (2012). The role of psychosocial stress atwork for the development of cardiovascular diseases: A systematic review. International Archives ofOccupational and Environmental Health, 85(1), 67-79. doi: 10.1007/s00420-011-0643-6????-Paton, N. (2010). Inability to discuss stress at work makes problem worse. Occupational Health, 62(12), 7-7.Retrieved from, A., Chandola, T., Witte, D. R., & Brunner, E. J. (2009). Psychosocial stress at work doubles therisk of type 2 diabetes in middle-aged women: Evidence from the whitehall II study. Diabetes Care, 32(12),2230-5. Retrieved from, J. (2008). Chronic psychosocial stress at work and risk of depression: Evidence from prospectivestudies. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 258, 115-9. doi:10.1007/s00406-008-5024-0???STRESS AT WORK is linked to heart disease. (2008). ISHN, 42(3), 12-12. Retrieved from, S. (2002). Causes and management of stress at work. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 59(1),67-72. Retrieved from, A. (2001). Perceptions of stress at work. Human Resource Management Journal, 11(4), 74-86. Retrievedfrom, C. (2000). Stress at work: A sociological perspective. The Canadian Review of Sociology andAnthropology, 37(1), 119-120. Retrieved from, D., & West, M. A. (1996). Stress management and innovation interventions at work. Human Relations,49(2), 209-209. Retrieved from!

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