Children?s Book

Children?s Bookthis work will be divide in 2 part. this work is 2 piece of paper separate but must be link one to the other. the first part the title is: MY CENTRAL FOCUS (4 PAGES MINIMUM ) You need to describewhat is going to be my central focus on my paper, answer all questions. My topic: CHANGING IN EDUCATION NOW AND BEFORE. Them you need to write a 16 pages separate but link with thechanging in education now and before. This is going to be a CHILDRENS BOOK with 1)decorated cover, 2) consider who, what, why, where, when and sequence the events 3) consider the gradeyou plan to teach (2 graders) 4) you may use photographs from the internet, hand tinting, collage 5) use your computer professional print, NO HANDWRITING! 6) BE CREATIVE 7) cite references including images used 8) INCLUDE AN AUTHOR PAGE ( writing in third person narrative with photograph 9) INCLUDE A GLOSSARY WITH AT LEAST 12 TERMS DEFINED. VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT: THIS JOB IS 2 JOB IN ONE. 2 SEPARATE PAPERS BUT LINK TO EACH OTHER. THE CHILDREN BOOK ABOUTSCHOOLS CHANGING WILL BE 16 PAGES AND THE CENTRAL FOCUS WILL BE 4 PAGES. PLEASE DON?T MIX EACH OTHER. EACH ONE MUST HAS TITLE CENTRAL FOCUS AND THE OTHER WILL BE A CHILDREN?SBOOK THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT PAPERS BUT LINK TO EACH OTHER.:

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