causation of IMF and analysis on programs that IMF offers to Korea

Objectives: -To pursue a topic of particular interest pertaining to an East Asian economy in more depth than was possible in other parts of the course -To gain experience Discuss (check for the help you need)ing new ideas with classmates and working as a team in a professional manner -To enhance personal research capabilities Project -one joint paper -produced by a group of 3-4 participants from same Discuss (check for the help you need)ion section -bibliography with 10 credible outside sources (not someone?s blog, NOT WIKIPEDIA) -careful citations of sources within paper (see MLA or other style handbook) -1300-1500 words, in addition to bibliography -do not cut and paste graphs, tables, or graphics from other sources?instead, please use data to produce your own when necessary -paper should have (1) introduction that explains the viewpoint of the paper and how it will be supported, followed by (2) several pages of evidence supporting the viewpoint, ending with (3) a conclusion summarizing the argument and (4) a concise bibliography -individual evaluations of your own and other participants? performance -percentage breakdown of estimated contribution of each group member -to be handed in individually -each group should write only one paper, but each individual in the group should upload it to SmartSite, along with the individual evaluation ? due on March 17th by 5pm. Evaluation 60% use of factual evidence that has minimal (<10%) overlap with class notes 15% clarity of viewpoint 15% number and quality of sources, use of citations 10% style (proper spelling, etc.) Places to start looking for information -Shields library catalogue -Lexis-Nexis electronic database of articles from current periodicals -IMF publications ( ), especially the World Economic Outlook ?what is not downloadable is often available in the library or via interlibrary loan -World Bank publications ( -Bank for International Settlements Publications ( -Need data for a graph or table? Ask the Reference Librarian about the IMF?s International Financial Statistics or Balance of Payments Yearbook, or the World Bank?s Global Development Finance OUTLINEIntro- what caused a financial crisis in Korea ( briefly), and analyze programs that IMF offered to Korea ( its positive and negative effect)Body ( 3 topics )1. High Interest rate2. Float exchange rate3. Reconstruction on firmsConclusionP.S. I want some add graphical resources such as how to exchange rates changed. Please use proper web sites for resources ( it is mentioned on guide line that I have posted above) such as edu, org.Please cite them on a separate page followed by MLF format..

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