Cathedrals of Consumption

Cathedrals of Consumption1. Choose a Cathedral of Consumption from the list in Ritzer(Enchanting a Disenchanted World Continuity and Change in the Cathedrals of Consumption Third Edition George Ritzer University of Maryland) , Chap. 1. Read this chapter carefully for examples.2. Find the website/homepage of the chosen cathedral and print out the homepage. Attach it to the END of your paper.3. Based on the information you find on the website and/or a visit you have made to this cathedral or landscape, along with information you may find in your texts, answer the following questions making reference to and using quotes from Essentials of Sociology george ritzer and Ritzer?s Enchanting a Disenchanted World:1.. Why and how is the organization/corporation/business you have chosen a cathedral of consumption?Be sure to include Ritzer?s definition of a Cathedral of Consumption and show how what you have chosen fits this definition using characteristics of the Cathedral of Consumption and examples from the cathedral you have chosen. Ritzer does this for you in most cases especially in Enchanting a Disenchanted World. READ the book! And be sure to cite pages and use references to the texts.2. How is this cathedral an example of re-enchantment in a disenchanted world? Give concrete and specific examples. Again, be sure to quote and cite from Chaps. 4, 5, 6 in Enchanting a Disenchanted World.? How does it enchant and re-enchant? What mechanisms does it use to do this? Show this by using the following concepts from Ritzer, Chaps. 5 & 6: Spectacles, extravaganzas & simulations.? How does the Cathedral use science and rationality to create the magic of these spectacles? Be sure to give concrete examples, e.g. use of wienies (p. 84 in Enchanting a Disenchanted World), the examples seen on dvds, and used in Ritzer, Chaps. 3-63. Is your cathedral a landscape of consumption? Using Ritzer?s definition explain why or why not.4. Is your cathedral in devolution (Chap. 8, p. 189) or in some other postmodern transformation (p. 188)? How do you think the Great Recession has affected your cathedral? Be specific. Are there some social and political policies that have affected the development, growth, or devolution of Cathedrals of Consumption?sure examples are concrete and specific. If based on your own personal experiences, please say so. If based on the text or videos/dvds, please indicate which source you are using. Give page numbers when referencing your texts and video title if using the video/dvd as an example.:

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