Book Review: Making Fast Food by Ester Reiter

Please review Ester Reiter, Making Fast Food. The instructions are attached. Please note, I am placing another order with this website for a similar order of a book review of the same book, it is crucial that the sources and material written in each book review are noticeably different. Research is the backbone of all the sciences including sociology, and this assignment will allow you to use and develop some of the concepts and theories you have learned and will now want to apply. This term?s project is 1 book review from a list of books provided to you in your course outline. Your choice of book for review is restricted to the book titles provided in the outline. The list corresponds to topics the instructor delivers to class in his lectures. This is both to tie the two components of the course together (lectures topics and written assignments), to allow you to use course concepts to apply and highlight in your book review Description of criteria: What I?m looking for in the book review: You must include the full title and proper reference of the book you are reviewing. PLEASE use APA for this. You must include your name and student number in the same page you cite the book under review. You must clearly identify the question/issue addressed in the book. Why did the author seek to write the book? You must clearly summarize the argument(s) the author(s) makes in the book and trace this throughout the book. In other words: How does she develop the argument? Does the author develop specific and original concepts to capture her findings? If so, what are these concepts? Once you have done this, then identify the theoretical perspective we have discussed in the class that the author is using to anchor the book. Please show how this perspective is evidence in your discussion. In other words, which of the three theoretical orientations in sociology ? structural functionalism; conflict theory; symbolic interactionism ? does the author align with in the text? Please show how this is the case. Which methodologies does the author employ to collect data to answer the question/issue outlined in the beginning of the book? Specifically, what are they? What are the merits of this methodology(ies)? What are its limitations? In other words, would a different methodology yield different data thereby questioning (or confirming) the argument(s) being made? You must critically evaluate the book?s overall appeal. For example, is the book accessibility in style and prose? If yes, explain (with at least one example). If no, also explain with at least one example. Finally, would you recommend this book to a friend? If so, provide an explanation. If no, do likewise

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