Blackberry 10 Marketing Strategy in Asia

Blackberry 10 Marketing Strategy in AsiaThe final project is a global business plan to be written individually. Select a product or service to be marketed in a foreign country of your choice. Post your project selection (product or service and the foreign country you will market to) for instructor approval in the Project Forum of the Discussion Board by the end of Module 2. The final paper is due by the end of Module 8.The elements of the paper include the following:Introduction: The selection of the product/service to a foreign country. Internal Environment: The preparation of the market study including planning, leading, organizing, implementing, and controlling. External Environment: The study of all the external environment of the foreign country including economic, political, legal, cultural, business, religious, and competitive environment. Entry Mode Selection: The study of which type of entry is possible for this business including export/import, licensing, franchising, turnkey operations, joint venture, and wholly-owned subsidiary. International Functions: An exploration of the international functions once deciding to launch the operation of the venture including international marketing, finance, accounting, human resource management, research and development, operations, and manufacturing. Cost/Benefit Analysis: Analyze the return on investment of the project from the point of view of the company and also from the host government.:

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