benefits of learning about non-US opinion

benefits of learning about non-US opinionPaper instructions: Question 1-What are the benefits of learning about non-US opinion about and influence upon the United States? What are the challenges? Reference this week?s lecture and at least two other sources in your post.Texts:American Identities: An Introductory Textbook, Lois P. Rudnick (Editor), Judith E. Smith (Editor), Rachel Lee Rubin (Editor) .Wiley-Blackwell (2005 ISBN-10: 0631234322Dissent in America, Concise Edition, Ralph Young, Prentice Hall, Concise edition (2008) ? ISBN-10: 0205625894Lecture: How Other See Us, and what we can learn: Global Agenda 2011 the University of Delaware?s Global Agenda program on February 23, 2011, publisher of The Globalist Stephan Richter toured the world, offering Americans a view of how differently they areperceived abroad in political, cultural and economic terms.Question 2- The Cold War is often presented as a two-sided world view lasting from 1945-1991. Does that binary explanation and periodization hold up in a post-modern world? What are the advantagesand limitations of the traditional narrative?Be sure to reference sources in our class. Lecture below and class texts above.:

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