Being Deviant for A Day

1. Pick one day that you can be deviant in a particular way as you go through your normal activities in public. The rules are as follows:a) You must select one (simple) way to be deviant and maintain this all day (at least 8 hours) including in public.d) You cannot explain to anybody during your 8 hour period why you are being deviant. You can choose how to respond to any such inquiries. But you must do the behavior genuinely.c) The way you select cannot be illegal or unethical.2. Write a 3-5 page paper describing what you did to be deviant, and your social-psychological observations about the experience. For example, how did other people react to you? How did that make you feel or think? What kinds of things made it easy or hard to continue to be deviant? What did you learn about yourself and social psychology in the process? Chose what you think are the most relevant 2-3 social-psychological concepts to describe your experience. For example, stereotypes, stigma, norms, self-presentation, motivation, social influence tactics may be relevant. Be sure to explain your observations and how they related to the ideas you pick.Category: Academic paper, Best Essay Writing Services-UK

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