Assessment 2

Assessment 23. Case Scenario As part of your responsibilities for workplace health and safety you decide to look over the records your organisation keeps in regard to hazards and incidents. You discover that there havebeen 10 hazard report forms competed by staff yet only 7 have attached records to show how the issue has been addressed. How would you respond to this and who would you need to notify? (6.1, 6.2, 6.3)4. How do you ensure you comply with organisational WHS processes and how do you ensure others in your workgroup follow safe work practices? (2.2,5.6)5. Describe and provide evidence of a meeting you conducted where workplace health and safety issues were conducted. Evidence can be meeting minutes or other workplacedocuments. (Essential skill)6. Outline the relationship between WHS and sustainability in terms of maintaining a safe workplace and establishing and maintaining environmental, economic, workforce and socialsustainability. How is this incorporated in your workplace? (Essential skill & knowledge)7. Provide an example of when you identified a workplace hazard and describe what you did about it and what the outcome was. (Essential knowledge)8. Identify the sources of information or resources you would use to obtain information on workplace health and safety. Include internal and external sources, state and nationalauthorities. (Essential knowledge)9. What are the roles and responsibilities of workers, officers and persons conducting a business? You may reference the learning material and/or legislation to answer this question.(Essential knowledge)The following performance criteria and essential skills and knowledge are addressed by this task: Performance Criteria 2.2 Implement processes to confirm that others in the work group are following safe work practices, and organisation policies and procedures 5.1 Ensure hazards are identified and eliminated with residual risk reported according to organisation procedures 5.2 Conduct risk assessments 5.3 Develop control measures, taking account of the hierarchy of control 5.4 Implement and support outcomes of risk assessments and identified risk controls 5.5 Identify and address and/or report deficiencies in WHS risk controls according to organisation procedures 5.6 Identify personal professional limitations and seek expert advice as required 6.1 Obtain feedback to ensure that workgroup is aware of organisation reporting requirements 6.2 Review WHS records to confirm that they are completed in an accurate, thorough and timely manner in accordance with legislative and organisation requirements 6.3 Use aggregate information and data from records to identify hazards and monitor risk controls Essential skills ? Conduct team meetings ? Take into account, use and promote opportunities to address waste minimisation, environmental responsibility and sustainable practice issues Essential Knowledge ? Relationship between WHS and sustainability in the workplace, including the importance of maintaining safety in the workplace to establishing and maintaining environmental,economic, workforce and social sustainability ? Hazard identification procedures such as workplace inspections and review of workplace data ? Sources of WHS information both internal and external to the workplace, including Safe Work Australia and relevant state/territory regulators ? Roles and responsibilities of workers, officers and Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBUs):

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