Assess how internal staff events are used in an organisation’s strategy and evaluate whether they are still valuable in an economic downturn(the example which in use shoule be UK and the economic downturn should be uk economic)

1.Identification of different types of MICE events that are used as internal staff events(Excellent research ofevent types with a comprehensive understanding of all their key features . Relevant examples should be used tosupport their answer)2.Demonstrate knowledge on what benefits these events bring to an organisation and how this fits into theorganisations wider business context(Comprehensive account of key benefits, demonstrating excellent knowledge howthese fit within the wider business context/organisations strategy)3.Discuss (check for the help you need)ion should be formed around the role these events have in fostering motivation(Excellent application andknowledge of how these events are used. Distinguishing between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and rewards.)4.Identify the link between the changing landscape of the economy and the effect this has on these types ofevents(Excellent and comprehensive knowledge of how the economy has effected and may effect these types of eventsin the future.)

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