Arguing with a Purpose (Specificly in Important of College Degree)

Writing Project: Arguing with a PurposeFor your writing project, you will construct a persuasive paper that argues a specific issue or problem of important to you. It is very likely you have developed an interest in this topic as a member of particular community ?college student (Important of College Degree). You do not have to be an expert on your topic, but it would be helpful if you have some basic knowledge of or an interest in the issue.Your argument should be structured so that you- Argue that your topic is a significant problem, with relevant support and nod to the other sideYou will need to carefully consider your intended audience. It is:- People who do not know how much about the problem, or who don?t recognize the significance of the problem?- People who are aware of the problem, but do not recognize the magnitude of the problem?- People who are likely to disagree with your opinion of the significance of the problem, and will need new information to be convinced of its severity?Requirements:Tittle5 Full pages (not including the Works Cited page)A Works Cited pageClear, strong thesis that makes an argument about your issue Focused, detailed paragraphs containing relevant supportEffective and coherent organization, with appropriate transitions between paragraphs and sentences, when effectiveAppropriate tone-very likely academic- demonstrating a consideration of both the ideal audience and those who might oppose the argument Standard academic English, eliminating contraction and slangAppropriate and varied vocabularyConsideration of feedback offered during the writing processAll previous process work, which needs to be clipped behind the final draft..

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