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Site Analysis ProjectAn essential step in any design project is the completion of the site analysis. A siteanalysis is an important tool used by landscape architects, architects and planners toincrease their knowledge and understanding of a space; what is there, who uses thespace and how, and what is working and not working currently in the space. How is thespace used? Is there sufficient seating? How do people move in, out and through thespace? Is the space accessible for the elderly or individuals with mobility issues? Doesthe space feel safe? What climatic issues should be noted (sunlight, wind, excessiveheat, etc.)? All of these are types of questions that should be answered by a siteanalysis.DescriptionThis project consists of completing a comprehensive site analysis of an outdoor publicspace. You will need to document the area at different times of the day and withsignificant detail, so the space should not be too large or too small. You must includephotos and sketches of the site as well as a site plan and document the existingvegetation, seating, circulation patterns and how the space is used. All sensory aspectsof the space should be included (sight, touch, smell, sound, etc.) as well as anassessment of the materials (what materials are used, positive/negative aspects, etc.).To fully understand the space, you will need to visit it on multiple occasions; a minimumof five (5) different visits, each at different times of day is required (e.g. morning,afternoon and evening and weekday and weekend). Once complete, your analysisshould allow the viewer to envision the space with significant detail and accuracy as wellas provide a clear understanding of how the space functions. You also need to prepare anarrative of the space, including why you chose that space, any uniquefeatures/characteristics and any proposed changes you believe would improve thespace. Specific requirements for the project are included below.Project Requirements(1) 8.5?11 Site plan(2) 8.5?11 Detail sketches of any elements of the space (i.e. seating, specific plants,lighting features, etc.)(4-6) Photos of the space on 8.5x11s (may group several photos on one sheet)(1) 750-word (minimum) narrative(1) List of dates and times for five (5) visits to the site

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