Applicable Laws / Legal Issues Section

requirement bellow:Applicable Laws / Legal Issues SectionIn this section you will discussvarious employment laws (no less than 10) that either apply to your client or that you believeyour client should obey even if the organization falls below the employee- or dollarthresholdfor these laws. In the latter case, indicate why the client should follow the law(s)anyway. Work with your client organization to determine which laws and legal issues tofocus upon for this section. The discussion in this section should include the full correctname of the law, the date it was passed, and its key provisions. You should include federallaws as well as Ohio state statutes, as appropriate, including a discussion of Ohio MinimumWage, how it is determined, and why (currently) it takes precedent over the FederalMinimum Wage. Don?t just list the law and its details?rather discuss why the law isrelevant to the organization and how best to comply with it.

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