Anthropology ethnography

Anthropology ethnographyUse ethnography (anthropology?s data) to make and/or illustrate your points; understand how different theories influence interpretations of social and cultural life; know how to use an analytical concept to explore a theme; compare and contrast different views. Critique different perspectives, using good ethnography to show why a writer?s work is useful or not, relevant or not.Question:Rosman and Rubel (1972) and Peterson (1972) are articles written to critique earlier theoretical approaches in interpreting specific ethnographical data. Use these two articles to explain why these writers had concerns, what about, and how this helps us understand the relationship between ethnography and theory in anthropology.Mandatory articles to use:Rosman, A. and P. G. Rubel. 1972. The potlatch: a structural analysis. American Anthropologist 75: 658-671Peterson, N. 1972. Totemism yesterday: sentiment and local organisation among the Australian Aborigines. Man (New Series) 7: 12-32Optional articles to use:Carrithers, M. 1992. The Question. In Why Humans Have Culture: Explaining Anthropology and Social Diversity, pp. 1-11. Oxford and New York: Oxford University PressOrder for your custom written PAPER now!

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