Answer the following questions:

A. ?Outsourcing?1. Evaluate the reasons to outsource goods, services, or production. Considering today?s business climate, give your opinion on the most logical reason to outsource.2. Research internet, list three valid reasons why a company would pursue onshoring or insourcing. Include an example to justify your response.B. ?Scoring System?1. Imagine you have been tasked to select a scoring system to rank each project in consideration in IT portfolio management. Review each ranking option and then select the one you believe is the most efficient for ranking each proposed project. Provide a rationale for your selection.2. Identify other considerations that would be of value in ranking a project, and explain why you believe they are valuable.C. ?IT Security Certifications?1. Describe two IT certifications that may be considered when selecting an expert for an expert witness opinion. Research and provide details on the hourly estimates for using these types of professional witnesses. Then, Discuss (check for the help you need) the typical background of these professionals.2. Give an example of how a certified IT security professional can add credibility to the trial of a computer crime case. Support your example with at least one creditable source that demonstrates how a certified IT security professional can be of value.D. ?Guidelines for Disposition and Trials?1. Read the article Summarize at least three suggestions that should be followed when testifying for dispositions and trials. Illustrate how these suggestions can help in the success of the case.2. Describe the details of the challenges the prosecution or defense team may face by not following these guidelines.

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