Annexation of Crimea

Annexation of CrimeaPlease write a discussion/analysis on the annexation of Crimea in light of Russian foreign policy. After the fall of Soviet Union, Russia remained weak state its influence declined considerably both economically and politically. During the 90?s, Russia was struggling to survive and with the help of western help Russia managed to survive. However, Russia paid a huge price for depending on west. When Russia was no longer feared, its interests were increasingly ignored by other states. Moscow objection was brushed aside as NATO attacked close Russian ally Serbia in 1999 and swallowed up many of Russia?s neighbor, including the post-soviet Baltic state in 2002. It is believed, West did not accept Russia like other former Soviet states. Even today,mutual misconception and misperception between Russia and west still exist at its extreme form. NATO expansion is clear evidence of this claim. Expansion, militarization and search for secure frontiers have been hallmark of Russian foreign policies for centuries, as Russian leaders have pursued their quest for international power and dominance. (Mankoff). Is Crimea is part of this long held strategy or Russia feel west is trying to encircle Russia. Western powers have managed to have cooperative, even close relations with a variety of nondemocratic states such as Saudi Arabia, Hosni Mubarak?s Egypt and even (at times) China. Why discrimination against Russia. During 2000s Russia economy was strong relative to west therefore followed more aggressive foreign policy but post 2008 economic crisis took some of the wind out of Russia?s sails. Russia in the second decade of the 21 century is much wealthier, more cohesive and more confident county than the Russia of the early 1990s, and this information continues to affect the way Russia interacts with the outside world (Mankoff). Is Russia?s foreign policy related to its economic strength? If so why would Russia absorbed Crimea. Russia must have calculated cost of annexing Crimea because western perception towards Russia is hostile and west see Russia is a threat its national security. Or Russia?s foreign policy is shaped according public views/election. Neorealist Kenneth Waltz: The anarchic nature of international politics, however, makes states worry about their vulnerability, thus compelling them to control what they depend on or to lessen the extent of their dependency, In the case of Russia, which depends on Crimea to station Russian black sea fleet and only warm water port for the Russian Navy. After examining 153 country cases in the last 50years,Political scientist Cullen Hendrix shows that high oil prices consistently make oil exporters more aggressive towards their neighbours. Is Russia is behaving like a typical petro state. There is widely held belief that relations between west and Russia worsened under Putin?s administration. Is it because west thinks Putin is more authoritative and mutual misperception is a barrier to have close relations between them. Please examine annexation of Crimea using fresh ideas in-terms of new evidences, arguments and perspective. Please include quotes of Putin and please make reference Book of Robert Jarvis, mutual misconception and misperception.

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