Andaluc?a Land of Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine

Term Paper, Other Andaluc?a Land of Mediterranean Fusion CuisineProject description Research Questions: Influence of spices in Andaluc?an cuisineThis is a research paper on Andalucian cuisine (gastronomy).Andalucia is a region in southern Spain.My paper is focusing on the use and integration of spices in Andalucian cuisine and theircooking techniques.The paper should also include some historical and cultural context related to cuisine.I went to Cordoba (Spain) and visited two restaurants Las Piconeras and BodegasMezquita ( or can use the website to find the ingredients in the dishes.Eight or more scholarly sources have tobe incorporated.In-cite annotations should be used where necessary.The paper should be in MLA format with Times New Roman 12 point font.Some resources which can be used are: Medina, F. Xavier. Food Culture in Spain. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2005 Trutter, Marion, ed. Culinaria Spain: Cuisine, Country, Culture. Comp. Gunter Beer. New ed. Koln : H.f. Ullmann, 2010 I will send more resources as we go along.If you have any questions please contact me.:

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