analyze the underlying themes in a film

analyze the underlying themes in a filmOrder Description5. Carefully analyze the underlying themes in a film seen at the Pacific Film Archive,a Film Festival or Paramount Theater this semester. Include a synopsis of whatthe film was trying to say, an analysis of whether or not it was successful and why.Use concrete examples from the film and be specific.????????-Concentrate on one clearlydefined thesis.* State your thesis clearly in the first paragraph.* Prove your thesis in the body of the paper.* Sum up in the final paragraph.* Cite concrete examples from specific scenes to prove your thesis.Your ideas and insights should form the core of your paper.Your essay should go somewhere. That is it should prove something. Enlighten me.No plot outlines. I have no interest in a cursory retelling of the story. Assumethat I have seen the film numerous times. Your writing should be clear, concise and to the point. It should have impact and punch. It should carefully explore and prove your thesis.In evaluating your work, stress will be placed on:a) The coherence of your argument.b) The range and detail of the examples you cite.c) Originality and depth of thought.

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