Analyze data and Pivot Chart

Analyze data and Pivot Chart This is the homework for Business Information Systems class. We were given data and we needed to complete 2 queries in Access and then transfer form Access back to Excel. Please find Access and Excel files in attachment. I already completed everything. Now just need to answer following questions:Please repeat the questions in your answer(mostly based on Excel file and Pivot Chart, but some questions, I think involve other info) 1.What data have been aggregated? 2.What time period is involved? 3.Is this a snapshot (moment in time) or a more complete set? 4.What is the difference between Expected and Actual ROI? 5.What did you notice about the results? 6.What questions would you ask to find out why the results turned out the way they did?Background from assignment: raw data consists of the following tables: 1.KEYCODES -contains marketing keycodes(campaign identifiers used to track sales,Product IDs, and Forecasted Revenue. 2.TRANSACTIONS-contains order transaction data (e.g.,SKU(Stock Keeping Unit), quantity,price, etc.) showing how many of which products were sold at what price. 3.MAPPING-maps Product ID to SKUon a1:1 relationship. Since Marketers may view products by Product ID while Accountants and Inventory Managers may view products by SKU, so we need a way of connecting these two ways of looking at the same things. 4.COSTS-contains the marketing budgets for each campaign(i.e., how much will be spent for each campaign). Note: Each Product ID/SKU combination is included in one and only one Keycode, meaning each product is only offered as part of one campaign. EXPECTED_ROI(% Return on Investment) Expected ROI = ([SumOfForecast]-[Budget])/[Budget]. :

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