Analysis and Reflection

Analysis and ReflectionQuestions:1) Discuss a time when you found yourself in a position where you negotiated in real life. a) Tell me about the circumstances and how did things turn out for you and the other party. b) Looking at the materials from class, which set of principles do you think you utilized in the negotiation (tactics, techniques etc.). Also, what did the other party utilize (again, tactics, techniques etc.) in their aspect of the negotiation?2) Reflect upon these three definitions of negotiations: Lewicki et al ? Negotiations is a process by which two or more parties attempt to resolve their opposing interests Jim Camp ? Negotiation is the human effort to bring about agreements between two or more parties with all parties having the right to veto a) Compare and contrast both of these two definitions to each other. Demonstrate where they are both similar and also quite different. While I know you don?t have the work from Jim Camp, his definition should give you plenty to work with for this paper. b) In all honesty, which definition seems to work best for you? In other words, when you think of how you approach negotiations, which definition applies more towards how you view and act in a negotiation situation and tell me why.3) Think about a time when you had to negotiate with someone who was at greater level of power than you. a) What was the situation exactly and what was at stake for you or the people that you were negotiating for? b) Which approach did you use in order to be effective? If you weren?t effective, what do you think happened that caused you to not get the desired results? Knowing what you now know, what would you have done differently?4) Tell me about a situation where you had alternatives or BATNA?s in mind. What was the situation, and did the other side have BATNA?s? a) In your experience (whether it relates to the above question or in any other instance) do (or did) BATNA?s actually work for you in negotiation situations? b) Does the concept of win-win also something that agree with or do you find yourself more inclined to follow the win-lose ideology?5) Inevitably, negotiations can result in conflict. Reflect upon the time when conflict arose as a result of a negotiation in your life. a) What happened during the negotiation situation that caused conflict to occur? Was the problem related to you or the other party? b) Looking at the elements of effective conflict management, which elements did you use during the conflict? Also currently, which style do you prefer to use now when conflicts arise?*Extra Credit Bonus Question worth 5 points towards your lowest grade* Discuss how relationships are valued and viewed in negotiations. a) How important is it to you to establish and or maintain a relationship when you are negotiating? b) In terms of meeting new business partners, how are relationships valued in different cultures? Contrast how Western and non-Western cultures view and value the importance of relationships in negotiation situations. Provide some examples and are there points that can be taken from various cultures in terms of how to work with relationships during negotiations?:

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