American Popular Culture

American Popular CultureAnnotated Bibliography (100 points):Due no later than 11:59p on Sunday of Week 8Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for students to1) identify and learn about a subtopic in Am. Popular Culture that is of interest to them;2) become familiar with the online library resources; and3) to develop some information literacy skills.Students will be developing an Annotated Bibliography Table based on a subtopic in American Popular culture that is of interest to them. A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources and 4 popular and/or open-web sources will need to be used in the bibliography.The completed assignment will include:1) Identify subtopic in American Popular Culture that you chose to investigate for this assignment. (eg. sport and popular culture)2) List search terms you used in your searches (i.e. sport, sociology, ?popular culture?)3) A Table with 7 annotated entriesa) Annotated entries in table for a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles (see below for what should be included in each entry)b) Annotated entries in table for a minimum of 4 popular and/or open-web sourcesEach source entry should be in a table format (see full guidelines under Homework Assignments folder) and include the following:1) Title of the source2) APA-formatted full reference for the source (see APA tips under Resources)3) Evaluation of where the source came from ? i.e. peer-reviewed journal, blog, website, etc.4) Brief Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of how the source is relevant to your subtopic of interest and why you chose it.5) Brief description of the source ? research question, findings, key information, etc.6) Evaluation of strengths of source in addressing your subtopic of interest (note: if it is not helpful at all, it is not a good source and should not be included)7) Evaluation weaknesses regarding how helpful the source was in addressing your subtopic of interest.8) Comparative analysis ? compare/contrast how this source addresses your subtopic of interest in comparison to another source (note: no source should be used in this section more than twice)This could be based on type of methodology used, size of sample, hypothesis, findings, how variables are measured, etc. If you analyze Source 1 in comparison to Source 2, then your Source 2 analysis should be compared to a source other than Source 1. Keep in mind all analysis should relate back to your research question.Table Format that must be used:Source 1 Source 2 Etc.1) Source Title2) APA-formatted citation for source3) Source Evaluation4) Relevance of source to Subtopic5) 3-5 sentence description of source6) Strengths7) Weaknesses8) Analysis of 2+ sources (compare/contrast)Grading Rubric: This assignment will be graded based on completion of all of the requirements.Points per Source Total Points Per Element Etc.List Subtopic 1List Search Terms 11) Source Title 1 72) APA-formatted citation for source 1.5 10.53) Source Evaluation 1 74) Relevance of source to Subtopic 1.5 10.55) 3-5 sentence description of source 3 216) Strengths 1.5 10.57) Weaknesses 1.5 10.58) Analysis of 2+ sources (compare/contrast) 3 21Total Points Possible 100Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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