Alzheimer?sCreate a 1-2 paragr

Alzheimer?sCreate a 1-2 paragraph essay that provides an explanation of which mental disorder you chose, and why you are interested in focusing on this specific disorder.**********This is the reason I?m interested: My grandmother at the age of 85 years old passed away April 26, 2015 she had advance stage of Alzheimer?s and Dementia, I was able to see the different stages that she went through early this year. I went to visit her in South Carolina while my children were on Spring break, she knew who I was but wasn?t aware of where she was at, it hurt me to see her in that state because I am used to her always responsible for herself, telling jokes and singing. Alzheimer?s disease was an emptiness that had overtaken her. It is unfortunate that there is no cure for the disease.Based on the mental disorder that you have chosen to research, draft a basic outline detailing how the topic synopsis will be extended into a paper form. This outline should be very basic, and detail the general format of the paper.Your outline should be formatted similar to the example below:IntroductionTopic Sentence ? what the paper will be about?How the essay will proceed.Section onePoint APoint BPoint CSection twoPoint APoint BPoint CConclusionSummary of the paper.Parting comments regarding current directions/state-of-affairs for the mental disorder you chose.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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