advanced financial accounting

Topic;advanced financial accountingDEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Financial Accounting (ACC3AFA)SEMESTER 2, 2015ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONFormat:This is a group assignment and each group should consist minimum of two or maximum of three students.Word requirementStudents are required to submit the assignment with 1000 words if they believe that this is necessary in order to produce a higher-quality submission. Assignments above this word limit will be returned for resubmission.Assignment tasks must be presented in a professional manner (word processed). Submissions must be properly referenced (refer to the University Style Guide). Use of improper or inappropriate grammar, punctuation and excessive spelling mistakes will result in the assignment being returned and the student being required to resubmit the work before a mark is awarded. The resubmitted assignment will accumulate the same penalty as late submissions until it has been presented in an acceptable format.Plagiarism is a serious matter; all students involved will be referred to the University?s appropriate authority.Late submissions will incur a penalty of one mark per day including the weekend.Applications for extensions must be lodged with the Lecturer before the due date in writing for granting an extension (medical problems etc).This assignment requires students to summarize and critically review Sustainability Report presented by companies in their website. Further, the assignment gives an opportunity to demonstrate their level of understanding of the relevant accounting theories and link the theories with companies? sustainability information disclosure.Questions (1000 words)?You are required to write a report to your Corporate Reporting Manager about the review of sustainability information released by the listed company in their Sustainability Report. The review will be based on the system oriented theories. The Corporate Reporting Manager is going to use the review report as the ground to decide the company?s future practices in disclosing sustainability information that relates to its business operation.?In the report, summarize the key points of sustainable development information in the Sustainability Report of any one of the companies listed below that your group choose.?Then follow by a critical review of the disclosure practice according to each theory within the system-oriented theory. The review should cover:?Stakeholder theory: how companies identify stakeholders? interest in its sustainability practice based on their assumed power.?Legitimacy theory: how company use disclosure on sustainability information as communication strategy.?Institutional theory: how company responds to pressure and norm demand of sustainability practice.?List of the companies and your group are only required to choose one company.? criteria:1.Clear and concise Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of the key points of disclosures, and the arguments in the critical review.2.Relevance of the content and evidence of a wide reading and research.3.Presentation, which includes format, spelling, vocabulary, and readability.4.Appropriate referencing, including web based source of Sustainability Report (particularly about the time of assessing and downloading the report), in-text referencing and a reference list (not in the form of footnotes or endnotes).5.Mark allocation: -Summary and letter format ? 10 marks; critical review ? 20 marksAssignment Submission details:?Due date: 14th September 2012 by 5:00 p.m.?All assignments must have a Statement of Authorship form attached. Assignments without this form will be awarded ?0? mark. Each group member is required to submit one form.?An assignment box has been created for ACC3AFA in the following venue: Level 2, Donald White Building (student services counter).?Students should retain a copy of the assignment prior to submission and it must be signed by the lecturer or any of tutors for ACC3AFA subject. Please see the lecturer or tutors during the consultation hours only to get the signature.?Please drop the assignment in the ACC3AFA assignment box.?Electronic submission will not be accepted for this assignment.?To facilitate the return of assessed work, the group leader is asked to provide a stamped self addressed A4 envelope (unsealed) with the assignment. The group must write all the group members name and student ID in the assignment.

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