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Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I?m Jackie Lee designer of a company. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to participate in this competition to introduce my promotional gift design. The goal of my presentation is to introduce my promotional gift design silicone watch which is for my company. Firstly I will introduce my company background and the reason of why I have a qualification to participate of this competition. Next I would like to talk about why my design can have the market value. Then I would like to describe the feature and benefits of my designA design of the promotional gift and explain how do my design can promote my company business. Finally I will have a question and answer. I would like to begin with some background information. My company is a large corporation which is with many businesses and the business of my company are mainly develop some innovative and technology products. As last time I have designed a new silicone watch to be my company?s promotional gift. After this we have received many positive comment from our clients. As the result my company ask me to join this competition to enhance our company popularity. As you all know ready-made gift in the market are not satisfy the dynamic design of trend. Therefore my company design unique company gifts which best to suit our clients? normal needs and lifestyle. The product of this kind of silicone watch is very popular nowadays. Many watch company and electronic company are both produce and selling the silicone watch and most of the customer are quite interest of this product because of the long lasting quality and it is practicality. As a result I design a unique silicone watch for our company clients. And this is the design of my silicone watch. On my design I have chosen different color range to suit to my product that can let our client to choose their color which also represent our company is giving many chooses to our clients. Moreover I also add a waterproof function into the product which can make it long lasting and to present the high professional quality of my company. And the final special benefit of the design is there are a function can connect with your octopus which also showing our company technology and make the customer more convenient. After we sent the gift to our client we received many positive comment of our client and finally promote the business of our company effectively.”

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