1st Paper Assignment for Geogr

1st Paper Assignment for Geography 100Section 002Prof. VarroneThe World of Geography touches many disciplines/careers and allows a student to have a broader understanding of the world around them. Without Geography, we would not be able to appreciate the three critical questions of Where, Why There, and Why Do We Care? Since the study of Geography is so diverse- students will be asked to reflect on their own academic and professional career plans. I understand that you are still exploring and considering academic and professional plans, but the idea here is to explain how studying geography can help with your personal goals in life. What is the value of studying Geography and how is it going to play a role in your academic and professional plans? Why would someone in your future position/job need to understand Geography?Understanding how Geography fits into your career/future will not only help you understand the world around you, but it will also expand your current understanding of your career/future. Having a better understanding of your career/future can be an invaluable tool when it comes to success in your future major, job advancement and/or job placement.The paper will also include a paragraph explaining one of your dream destinations in the world? If you had the opportunity, where would you most want to visit? (city, natural feature, country, etc.)This paper will be a 1- 2 pages in length, summarizing geography as it relates to the student?s future endeavors and a location in the world that interests the student.The paper will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, August 27th.Late papers will have a 50% point deduction..

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