1. To what extent do you agree

1. To what extent do you agree that globalisation has undermined the power of the nation state? Give evidence to support your argument.2. Why is it that some countries attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) than others? Illustrate your answer with examples.3. Explain how Hofstede?s cultural dimensions could help international businesses manage their operations more effectively. Illustrate your answer with examples.4. Explain what is meant by child labour. What might the consequences be for a major western firm caught employing young children in overseas factories?Ideally, you should present both sides of any particular argument, where appropriate.Your essay should contain a variety of sources of information, as reflected in your reference list.Specifically, the reference list should refer to no more or no less than:? 1 to 4 textbooks? 1 to 4 quality newspaper articles, or journals such as The Economist? 1 to 3 websites. Do NOT include search engines, or sites such as Wikipedia.The reference list should be written in alphabetical order, by author.Students are reminded that the assignment provides the student with the opportunity to demonstrate that they understand:1. fundamental spatial characteristics of the world economy;2. underlying economic processes and principles;3. the concept of culture and an understanding of cross-cultural difference and its implications;4. the significance of changing culture, economic patterns and processes for economic policy.This requires students to demonstrate the following skills:1. identify basic sources of international data sets and understand their limitations;2. describe economic patterns from data and link them to economic principles and processes;3. develop their own cultural communication and negotiating styles.

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